Weddings are such a special and unique occasion, family and friends come from near and far to celebrate as you and your partner take your first steps in your new season. This is the start of something truly special and unique, a beautiful occasion that nobody fully understands, until they take the plunge themselves of course.

So it makes sense you want everything to run smoothly, from the smallest detail like the cufflinks on your husband- to –be’s shirts right up to the catering.

That’s why picking the perfect wedding cake takes time, patience and involves a fun and indulgent taster sessions. Yum

Top Tips…

Our top tips for choosing the right cake start from choosing the right cake designer. Once you have booked the venue and chosen your dress, it’s time to think about the cake. The venue and dress will be the blueprint for the design structure of your wedding cake.


Then the fun part! Research your cake designer carefully, stalk them on social media if you have to. Get reviews from previous clients, if you are happy with what you find and your budget and ideas match what the cake designer can create book your tasting. We all know not everything you see on social media is true so cakes may look amazing but the taste is far from great. So please book a tasting.

At the tasting you will chose the flavours you want and work closely with the designer to create a cake that will compliment your theme. When deciding the cake servings, think about whether you will be serving your guests a three course meal or if the cake will be served as dessert. This will determine how big your cake should be or how many servings you should have. Then select the base colour and shape of your cake. Then work with your designer to create tiers that will compliment your day.

Other things to consider…

Other things you should consider is the grandness of your venue, for example if the reception in a grand room with high ceilings, consider increasing the cake’s stature by including separators in between the tiers to give your cake height.

If you are having an outdoor wedding stay away from buttercream or Italian meringue finished cakes not only will they attract flies and bees and depending on how hot the climate is, your buttercream may not stand up to the heat!!

Finally, get your man involved, if he likes the cake, it will surely be a hit.